Krishnamurti Library

Photo by Edward Weston 1934

The Kingdom of Happiness - 1927

Who Brings the Truth? - 1927

Two chapters from the book God is My Adventure by Rom Landau - 1936 :

A section from the book The Quiet Mind by John E. Coleman - 1971 :


Star Bulletin

No. 4  July-August 1933

Notes on Group-discussions at Madras during 1947 with J. Krishnamurti.

These notes are a good paraphrase that will help give new understanding to his fundamental teachings..

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (coming)

Selections from the Magazine The Herald of the Star

Know Yourself - May 1925

Discipleship - June 1925

The Secret Doctrine, Krishnamurti, and Transformation by Aryel Sanat

Transformation by Aryel Sanat